House Extension

It is easy, with a growing number of family members and possessions, to find yourself in a position where lack of space is an important issue.

When moving to a larger house is the only alternative, having an extension is generally the more affordable and stress free option.

Extending the house is a economical way to provide for the extra space needed whilst maintaining all of the comforts of your existing environment and lifestyle. In addition to this the investment in your current property will most definately be reflected in its value.

Our builders knowledge will support you through the process, from start to finish, assisting in ideas for layout, maximising space and helping your house reach its highest potential.

There are several factors to consider when planning and building an extension.

At Atkinson Builders we have our own planning that can assist in the application of full planning or structural calculations. We, also have many years experience in designing and fitting kitchens/bathrooms within the extension.

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