Dormers are a popular addition to bungalows because the second storey adds a significant amount of room at head height.

An extension to the roof of a terraced house may be a sole option if the back garden or yard has insufficient space for a ground floor extension.
In which case building upwards into an unused loft space will provide more room and increase property value. Terrace houses are unable to have the roof-line raised if loft height is too low.

In larger houses, a dormer conversion can add a luxurious room with en suite and significantly increase a property’s value.

The additional head room at head height makes dormers ideal for use as a social space within larger houses, such as a living room, office or bedroom.

Dormer Roof Conversion

A dormer conversion structurally and visually alters your house and dormers almost always require planning permission and compliance with building regulations too.

If you are considering a dormer conversion for the first time the process requires:

  • Loft and house survey
  • Floor plans
  • Planning and Buildings Regulations Approval
  • Building Inspectors Approval
  • Construction
Construction of Dormers

When extending the loft to construct a dormer it is essential that a roof’s structural stability and strength is not damaged during the building process.

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