Design & Planning

Atkinson Builders is a professional building company and we ensure design plans are competently drawn up by our architectural surveyor who is experienced in the latest materials and techniques.

Any developer will agree that architectural skills raise important considerations and it is better to have these addressed sooner rather than later. This lets intelligent decisions be made about building materials, construction techniques and working within Regulations.

The value our design service contributes is achieved by arriving at the most appropriate solutions for your needs efficiently, within regulations and at the right price, avoiding unnecessary costs.

We always ensure our architectural designs are agreed by clients and completely right before submitting them for Buildings Inspector’s or Planning Application approval.

Free Initial Survey and Quote

Based on our initial survey and the design discussions we provide a written, no-obligation fixed price quote. This includes plans, materials and labour. The main other costs you will have is Building Control plans approval and inspection which ensures our work is compliant with building regulations.

Design & Plans

On accepting our initial fixed price quote our architectural surveyor thoroughly measures your house and loft, and discusses your requirements and ideas in more detail. We draw up Building Plans and submit them for approval.
We want our architectural planning service to inspire you, so you’re confident that you have considered the structural options, latest innovations and design alternatives.

Our plans make the project a realistic goal and we are always confident plans will pass Buildings Regulation inspection and Planning Permission (if required).

Atkinson Builders

Our business has been established since 1971 and offers a wide variety of services.

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